How Do We Do It?
Strong Partners


The idea behind Splash is not to create new institutions—but to help existing ones get even better. We look for the strongest children's organizations, serving those with the greatest water needs, and we help them build capacity with reliably clean water.

Provide Safe Water


There is no more essential ingredient for a healthy child than safe, clean drinking water. We take the words "safe" and "clean" very seriously. We don't mean "piped," and we certainly don't mean "clear" water. We mean purified water that annually passes local and World Health Organization quality parameters. We believe that the drinking water flowing from the fountains of an Ethiopian school should and can be as safe as the water flowing in your kitchen.
Quality isn't the only ingredient, however we are also driven by quantity. An urban school should never be forced to wait on slow-moving filtration. The system used by a child's right cleans water at an amazing pace, ranging between five and ten gallons per minute, depending on specifics.
Promote Clean Hands


Our water systems purify so much water that there is enough, not only for drinking, but for hygiene purposes. We recognize that safe water, alone, won't end poor hygiene habits that contribute to bad health. 
Thus we work with kids and caretakers to promote urban-centric hygiene education, and support that training, where appropriate, with hand-washing stations and drinking fountains that limit the spread of disease. This integrated hygiene education brings together safe water, clean hands, and better health.
Sanitation is Coming Down the Pipe...

The Splash team always takes note of sanitation conditions at our partner sites. Quite often we find that, due to the urban nature of our work, our partners already have access to improved toilet facilities. There are, however, rare instances where this is not the case. Even though we're not in the business of building toilets, we do recognize their fundamental importance for improved health, and we make recommendations accordingly.

Long Term Monitoring & Service

When Splash installs a water system, it is not an end but a beginning. Monitoring is conducted across ten years, to assure that safe water keeps flowing, as well as to train local site leadership to steward the system beginning in the eleventh year.


Learn about our M&E platform—Proving it
Strategic Exit Plans


Every NGO says, at one point or another, they wish to put themselves out of business. We mean it.
By 2020 we will provide reliable, clean water to at least 1 million children—but that is not our end goal; by 2030 we will have built out the systems, structure, skills, service, and supply chains necessary for us to have fully exited these countries, leaving behind thriving, self-sustaining, locally-driven industries that eliminate—permanently—the need for similar foreign NGOs or intervention.