Est. 2011
10385 children served daily
  • 19 Schools
  • 10 Orphanages
The Remarkable Pak Kret District
In a quiet area on the north side of Bangkok, the Thai government is providing exceptional care for its disabled children—the result of the vision and drive of one remarkable man.
Full Story
The Strategy
Est. 2011
Geographic Focus: Bangkok
Project Focus: schools, orphanages
The national government has done an incredible job at providing centralized care in Bangkok for some of the nation’s most vulnerable children. With this well established network in place, we started out our first year in Thailand by working in some of the largest orphanages and centers for disabled children in the country.
Presently, we are holding a lot of our future Thailand strategies close to the chest right now as we have some big plans for our work there. Radical plans, actually. So much so, that if we are able to pull off even a handful of our new tactics we could effectively be out of the country within 5 years-leaving better, stronger, and far more scalable networks to do the exact same work we do already, but without the need for our funding or even an NGO at all.
Our Country Manager in Bangkok is helping us undertake a national needs assessment while also working with existing organizations to realize our goal of putting ourselves out of business. Needless to say, this is not a strategy for a timid nonprofit!