Grants & Compliance Manager
The Country

 Seattle, WA, USA


Splash is characterized by a rigorous commitment to honesty, directness, transparency, and hard work—balanced with fun, humor, celebration, and teamwork. Accountability of both teams and individuals is taken seriously.  Progressive learning and performance improvement is expected and supported.  Both direct communication and personal flexibility are viewed as essential individual assets that enhance team performance and enjoyment.


Splash cleans water for kids – with a decided focus on children’s full potential, the realities of urban poverty, and accountability with transparency. The Grants & Compliance Manager plays a critical role in advancing this work through coordinating and aligning efforts across two departments (Development and Program) in both the fundraising functions of grants management (research, concept notes, proposals, and reports) and the programmatic functions of compliance with negotiated deliverables, outputs, and outcomes.


The Job

The goal of this position is to help secure diversified, ethical, and sustainable funding streams to advance Splash’s capacity to clean water for kids internationally – and to verify that all promises made are indeed fulfilled. The Grants & Compliance Manager reports to the Director of Strategy.




The Grants & Compliance Manager is responsible for ensuring quality and results in the areas of identifying prospective funding; writing (e.g., concept notes, proposals, and reports); project management; verifying that deliverables in fact are delivered; information management; and cross-functional teamwork (e.g., with Program and Finance Departments). S/he strategizes collaboratively with the Director of Strategy and Executive Director, and is responsible for staying current regarding trends in the field, growing professionally, and safeguarding professional ethics.


Key Duties


  • Research prospective funding opportunities
  • With content guidance from the Executive Director and Director of Strategy, write concept notes and proposals for new funding
  • In coordination with the Program and Finance Departments, ensure all involved are advised and accountable for delivering upon promises made
  • Optimize and maintain standard operating systems for keeping an integrated team (Program-Finance-Fundraising) on track toward deliverables, with effective communication
  • Provide briefing materials in preparation for critical meetings
  • Cross-train peers in basic grants/compliance management, best practices, and ethics
  • Review local, national, and international news and business publications, keeping abreast of prospect information; relevant business developments; and philanthropy trends
  • Ensure data integrity
  • Recommend and participate in professional development activities


Compensation & Benefits


Annual salary for this position will be established at time of hire, then reviewed at least annually.  Splash provides generous health coverage benefits, including medical, dental, and vision, as well as a 401k plan. 



Education, Experience & Personal Characteristics


A qualified candidate must have a bachelor's degree and at least three years of professional experience in grants management. Strong written and verbal communication skills, an aptitude for logical thinking, a commitment to professional ethics, and the ability to collaborate with organizational leaders are essential. The candidate also must have advanced skills and knowledge in office computing; project management; research tools; and the expectations of institutional funders.


Desired attributes include:


  • Deep belief in Splash’s mission, coupled with determination to grow the organization to be best in class
  • Unswerving commitment to professional ethics
  • Creative thinking
  • Proactive approach to problem-solving
  • Effective personal organization & work-flow management
  • Clear, direct communication style (written and verbal)
  • Excellent customer-service skills
  • Proactively anticipate needs and priorities
  • Proven ability both to work independently and in team-oriented contexts