Meet Bethy
Imagine having to choose between buying bottled water or school supplies for your child. Now, this bright eight-year old girl in Addis Ababa has clean water, all day every day, at school.
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Maiti Nepal
Rescue Home
Every year, some 15,000 girls are stolen from Nepal and forced to work in India's brothels; Maiti Nepal is putting a stop to this practice. We're humbled to provide the clean water that aids trafficked girls in their recovery.
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Friend's International
If you want to cook rice for 1,600 kids a day—you're going to need a lot of water! Learn about Splash's work with Mith Samlanh, Cambodia's largest feeding center.
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Kaiyuan Orphanage
In 2014, Splash will announce that every orphanage in China has clean, safe water. Get a glimpse inside just one of China's 1,000+ 'Social Welfare Institutes'.
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The Remarkable Pak Kret District
In a quiet area on the north side of Bangkok, the Thai government is providing exceptional care for its disabled children—the result of the vision and drive of one remarkable man.
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